Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cinema's New Pay method..

Aint this da shiznit..

We are delighted to inform that for the first time ever in Oman, a Cinema House has commenced accepting cards as a mode of payment.

BankMuscat has enrolled Shatti Plaza Cinema as its merchant in this new category for card acceptance. Under this arrangement, “ Shatti Plaza Cinema will accept card for purchase of tickets of OMR. 5/= and above.

Devante's "The Foundation"

Devante is back with his sophomore 14 track album mixed & produced by no one but him-self. If you are in for a smooth classic RnB album then this is a good album to own.

The 22 year old explains, "This album is the foundation on which all great R&B music has been made. Contrary to what many may think, all music is not created equal. There is a formula to good songwriting and production, all of which I have implemented on this album. This album also represents the foundation on which I first built my career - Love, Life and Relationships. If you liked 'Ready or Not,' this is the same formula, only kicked into way high gear."

Track List:

  1. Where You Are
  2. Nobody Knows
  3. What Am I Supposed to Do
  4. Like Your Girl
  5. Spend All Night
  6. Things you Like (Pt. II)
  7. A Woman’s Love
  8. Pick Up The Pieces
  9. She Is
  10. 69 Ways
  11. Threshold
  12. Reflection
  13. My Way
  14. We Should Fall In Love
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