Saturday, January 28, 2006


Should this be considered a fuss?! Part I

I’m sure everyone heard about the caricatures of the prophet Muhammad published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands. When this first happened, the OIC complained about it but neither the government nor the newspaper agreed to apologize claiming that they have freedom of speech in their country.

Recently a director with Arla told the Jyllands-Posten – (the newspaper) that some Arabic countries have stopped selling its dairy produce and had begun a boycott of Danish goods. Now they start to apologize as they called the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia for consultation.

To view the pictures please visit the link.

Should this be considered a fuss?! – Part II

Quwat el-Hamas won the election ladies and gentlemen. I was flipping channels last night, actually my mother was and all we could hear were what ifs. The most what if I was concerned about was what if US stopped giving aid to Palestinians. Hamas asked them not to cut aid but no one knows what will happen.

My mother was also telling me that this could turn out to be a really, really good thing since its proven that ppl that were a menace to society or a menace in any way possible have changed after giving them a political role. One of these ppl was Mr.Yassir Arafat. Back in his days he was also in a group almost like the Hamas but he has changed and the impact or the difference he has done was great.

It’s a nice beginning, I hope we will come to hear greater stuff inshallah. Who said 2006 is gonna be a bad year?!


Sunday, January 22, 2006

Noba Zain!!!!

Do you like sensitive men or is this a disgrace?!



Saturday, January 14, 2006

The World Today!!!

The Palm Tree is sinking. The project that’s in Dubai is not stable and they are fighting it. Ppl if your company sales cement then this is the right time to work you ass off. Inshallah in the feature you can tell your kids that you helped to have that done.

Everything in this world now is artificial, the palm island, on the drive to Abu Dhabi from Dubai you can notice the artificial sea on your right, a part of the wave project (they are building an extended land on the sea), The Blue City in Bahrain & Sawadi (the artificial lakes inside it), in Abu Dhabi I heard they are making an artificial Island that’s gonna have water land on it.

My dad used to work for the ministry of fisheries and agriculture in
Oman. With all his powers he tried to stop (I don’t know who) from building share3 el 7ob since it was the main place for fish to lay their eggs in Muscat. BTW this project was ready since 1996 and we only got to see share3 el 7ub in year 2000. My dad left the country in 99 I think. Fish would lay eggs there cause it was the warmest place in Muscat due to the sea plants in that area. Now they do so after Bandar khairan and some place in Sawadi. Which means from Sawadia all the way till after Khairan fish can’t lay their eggs there or it (the eggs) will die.

This means less fish for us Omanis in the long run (too long to explain how stuff works).

With all these projects today, broken down mountains, artificial islands & lakes. Aren’t we affecting the weather in some way? The system that God has put/set on us has been moved, I’m not really a biologist or anything close to that but won’t changing the shape of earth cause bad weather and deadly storms?!