Sunday, October 04, 2009

Mind vs. Emotions!!!

Today I had a very interesting conversation with my lil sis thats turning 14 in just a couple of weeks. I am posting it here cause it's kind of a continues (a part II) to something I posted a while ago (Click here for old post).

I hope you all enjoy it..

Uncle (who is me)
You rock! (who is lil sis)

Uncle: Hey sis
You rock!: hey bro
Uncle: How u doin?
You rock!: am fine u??
Uncle: I'm good
Uncle: Saw ur msg n u said u needed to talk
You rock!: ya
Uncle: Wassup
You rock!: now?
Uncle: Ya sure
You rock!: ok ya3ni umm
Uncle: Aha
You rock!: be4 i didnt used to get scared be4 tests now i do 4 no reason
You rock!: *about
Uncle: Do u study as much as u used to?
You rock!: ya
You rock!: ba3d akthar
Uncle: Great.. Mabrook sis
You rock!: :S
Uncle: U r growing up n u r beginning to realize what responsibility is
You rock!: stomachaches and nausea and not being able to sleep?
You rock!: thats responsibility?
Uncle: Exactly.. Thts y when u do anythin wrong we get so angry
Uncle: We r responsible for u la
You rock!: i dont get it that sounds like torture i mean the stomachaches and stuff
Uncle: :) now u have to remember there are two types of ppl..
You rock!: ya?
Uncle: Ppl that think with their minds n some that think with their heart (emotional ppl)
You rock!: aha
You rock!: i dont get what that has to do with this ... :D
Uncle: We all think with both but we use mind more then heart or some use heart more then mind
Uncle: All u need to figure is how to balance n control it
You rock!: and u think i use what more?
You rock!: oooooooooooh
You rock!: ok
Uncle: Heart.. That's why u get nausea
You rock!: soo i have to figure out how to control it like sort of mind over matter??
Uncle: If u use mind more.. U will be able to control ur emotions shweia n force ur self to sleep cause ur common sense says its more important
Uncle: Yes..
You rock!: can i ask u a question?
Uncle: There is no school that can teach u that.. U need to figure it out
Uncle: Aha
You rock!: did it happen to u b4?
Uncle: No one missed this experience.. Some ppl only got over it without realising it.. So their advice won't be like mine
You rock!: oh ok
You rock!: so its gonna take a long time maybe?
You rock!: it depends on me sa7?
Uncle: It depends on u.. I don't like things controlling me so I got rid of that phase quickly
Uncle: Yela sis gotta go now but
You rock!: mhm
Uncle: Will check on u soon..
You rock!: ok tc thnx
Uncle: Love u
You rock!: ok sure bye say hi 2 every1 there
You rock!: love u 2
Uncle: K
You rock! signed out.