Saturday, February 18, 2006

Does Family Matter?!

My grandma’s older sis just passed away. Mama knocks on the door at 11:03 Friday morning.

G screams “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!”.
Mom says “Mam Kubwa (her nickname) just passed away”

I took a shower, picked up the dishdasha I was going to wear and started ironing it. Mom walks into the room and asks me to iron her scarf for her. Just to see how she is feeling after hearing the terrible news I said
“She always used to be on N (My sister) is case, asking her to sit like a lady for once. Thank god my sister is feminine, married and happy now:”

Mom laughs and says “Ya she used to lecture me for letting your sister be a tomboy”

25 minutes later we go to her step sons house in Adheeba. Not wanting to walk in, me and my elder brother run away to the mosque for Jum3a prayers. As soon as we got back to the house me and my bro see mom crying like she was a 14 year old kid that just lost her mother. (Mam Kubwa is the woman that raised my mom).

In the last couple of years, my mom has not been in good terms with her due to some family issues. The main problem actually started about 5 years ago when my grandma’s step kids did something to my mom n dad. It's something I can’t explain because its pretty bad and i don't want to write about family problems in the net.
Anyway neglecting that issue grandma used to force my mom to visit family members all the time but my mom would refuse to do so since no one visited Us or came to our house to check on her. Yet she visited them or at least stayed in touch with them through phone calls. Not only that, but they also had the nerve to call her and ask for help when in need and wouldn’t do the same if she was in trouble.

Mother finally gave up in being a family person, Grandma always was on her case about that and one day me mama couldn’t take it, so she asked Grandma to stay out of her life when it comes to such problems. Mom explained that she is not a young girl anymore and she can take decisions by her self. She explained that she can’t see what the point of carrying about ppl that cared-less about her. She also explained that Grandma has been on her case for about 4 years now and Mama’s only reason for staying quiet was because of how much she respected her. But now she just can’t take it anymore.

That’s the reason my mom felt guilty, she cried like a baby. Since that fight (4 Years ago) they haven’t spoken to each other as often. Mom only got to see granda once after the fight. She cried on the day of the funeral hoping that grandma forgave her before she passed away. “Was I right or was I wrong?!” after washing her face, mom could not help but ask that question.

I personally am not a family guy. You ask about me, I ask about you. You visit me, I will also visit you. That goes to friends, family (as in cousin & aunts) and also Siblings. Most of the time, I would visit or call just to fulfil my part of being a family/friend member but then I need to see that it’s a two way street. If it’s not then I’ll probably say hi to you and have a laugh or two when we bump into each other but do not ask me where have you been?1 its been a while and im angry too.

Enough with the bullshit man will be my answer.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Been tagged again

i've been tagged by QC.. BTW u should watch a manga called Black Cat.. don't know if u will like it but it has lots of cats in it :P

7 things to do before I die:

1. Stop working for an organization n start my own successful one
2. Speak Spanish n Japanese (I’m currently looking for an institute tht teaches these languages)
3. Buy a car (Dodge Charger inshallah)
4. Be the godfather of my own family
5. Travel with my dad
6. Start boxing
7. Quit smoking

7 things I can't do:

1. Stay quiet when some1 screams at me (My dad n mom always had a tough time dealing with me)
2. Can’t take BS, I’m allergic to bullshit (Lost touch with so many friends)
3. Go for shisha alone (Don’t know how ppl do that)
4. Was never good at saying no to ppl if I know I can help them
5. Don’t think I can ever ask a girl out
6. I can’t stand the taste of garlic, accept if its garlic bread of-course but garlic is YUCK
7. I can’t bargain at all, the worst when it comes to it, I just ask him/her once, is that your best price?!

7 things I always say:

1. Wicked
2. Haawa huh
3. Dokm
4. Nando toe or Arigato gosayma
5. 7ayak
6. Bob
7. Afaaa

7 books I have loved:

Keep in mind that I never read books

1. Che Guevara Life story
2. Che Guevara The Revolution (not finished)
3. A thousand miles from Grace (I think)
4. Buddhism
5. Who moved my cheese?! (I consider it a book yes.. even though its only 80 pages)
6. I read a book bout this girl that goes to
Thailand and falls in love there with a business man that she actually met in her homeland (Can’t remember what’s it called)
7. The Bible

7 movies I love to watch over and over:

1. Remember the Titans
2. The Last Samurai
3. Love & Basketball
4. Brown Sugar
5. The Godfather
6. Devdas
7. The count of
Monte Cristo

7 things I get attracted to:

1. Tea – the 50 baiza tea after along stressful day
2. Horses – this dumb ass friend of mine got me in love with horses..
3. Military stuff – LoL QC, The uniforms, knives n everything
4. Booties – Jeans on girls is the best thing eva
5. Politics – this is something I just started liking, been reading news papers like it’s the reason im living for. I blame my dad..
6. Music – I can’t live without music. RnB, Hiphop n Cuban are my favourite
7. Manga – I’ve been watching animation cartoons like I’m a 9 year old child

7 people I want to tag:

1. Naja7 - Cousin Where u at?!
2. Shoodoo
3. Lym
4. Mimi for taggin’ me :P
5. Psychotic Gibberish
6. Everyone else who reads it! Now get writing!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I've been tagged!!! Mimi

Eight weird things about me:

  1. If I didn’t know Islam, I would probably be a Rastafarian. Lived with them and enjoyed my life as well
  2. I’m the total opposite person at work, Serious at work never outside.. actually ppl think that’s weird (I don’t)
  3. I can’t read menus, never will you see me ordering something to eat unless I’m in kargeen
  4. The only thing that can actually let me stay at home for 4 days in a row without leaving not even once are Manga cartoons
  5. I bought a couple of novels/books and I still can’t finish them. I actually finished 3 books in my entire life and one of the books was WHO MOVED MY CHESE (84 pages only) LoL – I Can’t Read
  6. I’ve been driving with an expired license for about 3 years now
  7. I’ve been speaking Swahili with my friend for more then 5 years now & I still can’t speak the god damn language well
  8. Im sorry MiMi, can’t think of anything else.. it’s the third or the fourth day n I can’ think of anything more

Eight attributes of my perfect lover:

  1. Some1 that isn’t so detailed, doesn’t look into life so deep..
  2. Don’t care bout the hair a lot but the curly jungly hair makes me say OH Weeee
  3. Sense of humour or don’t think we would last a week
  4. Can’t stand chicks that talk a lot..
  5. I’m a cuddling person n she also has to be one
  6. The booty’s gotta be there.. Can’t live without it
  7. I think smart girls are sexy..
  8. Outgoing, fun person