Monday, June 18, 2012

Give it another try

It's been a while since I last posted.

We've recently had a holiday or an extended weekend and I've spent everyday of it in the sea. I'm excited that I have finally started understanding fishing and everyday I'm out in the sea I learn a thing or two.

Even though there are days when I've given my share of catch away, I am happy that I had some that I've passed on to family and friends. Once my arrangements are in place, I'll be making the most out of it by dropping more fish to other family members and friends. I am the worst person to keep in touch but this should be something that will help me solve that particular problem I face.

In another note, my personal business has started picking up and I still think it's important to give back to the society so I am thinking of coming up with a CSR campaigns that will help influence the community. I recently received encouragement to go for it from a friend and I am hoping we are able to pull it off together.

I downloaded a blogging application in my phone and I'm hoping with this I'll start blogging again. I hope it does cause I still refer to some of my previous posts.

Until next time