Monday, January 12, 2009


Desires, needs call it whatever you wanna call it but we humans have it in us that we always wanna be perfect.

Imagine that your emotions is a flying plane that gets hit by turbulence causing a sudden drop. A good pilot is trained to set the flying craft back on track before getting caught up in a “no escape situation”. A normal human is not trained to handle this unexpected drop of the flying object causing him to get into a state of panic.

Depression in my eyes is not a plane; however I like to think of it as a sudden drop to a human’s self-esteem. Some ppl fall into depression gradually and others fall into in a blink of an eye depending on the reason and circumstance.

We (the human race) are known as habitual creatures that think and react unconsciously making it a habit within our selves to pursue happiness for as long as we can breath. Sometimes we don’t ask for much nevertheless we call having – a one floor house, with a 4X4, a saloon car parked on the garage and a happy family – a perfect life.

Yet it’s not out of the ordinary to hear that we are selfish creatures that are never satisfied. Asking for more is one side of our habitual characteristics but my main argument today is the word “perfection”. We admire a perfect person or someone that is in pursuit of happiness, someone who has almost grasped what is so called perfection.

Which brings me to a quote I heard from a cartoon I follow:

There is no such thing as perfect in this world.

This may sound cliché, but it’s the truth.

The average person admires perfection and seeks to obtain it.

But, what’s the point of achieving perfection?

There is none, nothing, not a single thing.

I loathe perfection!

If something is perfect then there is nothing left.

There is no room for imagination.

No room for anyone to gain additional knowledge or abilities.

For scientists perfection will only bring despair.

It is their job to create things more wonderful than anything before it, but never to obtain perfection.

A scientist must be a person who finds ecstasy while suffering from that antinomy.

Accepting the fact that there is nothing called perfect in this world means that you’ve accepted the fact that things sometimes do not go in the way you were hoping it would be. Which I believe helps you somehow regain control of the un-excepted drop to your plane of emotions. Because you do not believe in perfection this will keep you alerted of any drop to your self-esteem making it a gradual slump.

Recognizing that things are not well is the first step of change and helps you speed up the process of recovery. Now all you have to do is make it a habit that you find your fix from that antinomy you are facing.

Those desires and needs you have are achievable, they just won’t be something that doesn’t exist, they won’t be perfect.