Monday, July 17, 2006

Good n bad addictions!!!

I learned how to play a new card game called “Tricks” and I know for a fact, I am going to get so addicted to it very soon.

I am always addicted to something, sometimes that addiction goes on for months some times days only, It can be anything a person (Chicks only of-course :P), it can be a game like cards, basketball, soccer. I’m always high on music so I’m excluding that from the list of addiction I’m talking about.

Once I remember my room just had to be clean, so I used to clean it almost everyday, days later I just went back to being old dirty nasty ME. I’m no longer addicted to Anime & Manga or the TV shows I used to/still watch, series such as “Lost, Prison Break, etc”.
Yesterday life was stable and fun and im talking literally yesterday. Today life is a boat that is sailing to where the wind is taken it and I have no control of it. Tomorrow it will either be me going with the follow and that’s the usual “ME” or I will be happy cause a big n sudden change has occurred and put me in the greatest mood eva.

Now I am only feeling this feel because I don’t know what’s my next addiction and with an addiction life seems stable. It doesn’t matter if its work, sex, sport, art or a feeling that pleases u.

Everyone is addicted to something always or he/she will always feel that something is missing.

I’m proud of my self because I quit drinking a year ago (maybe more), I quit smoking cigarettes but hey I’m addicted to shisha now LoL. Never got into drugs and those kinda things and I’m not a sucker for love.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Am i proud to be an arab?!

Dallas Austin

Lots of ppl don’t know him but who is into the music industry they must have heard his name here or there. Austin is an American RnB/Hiphop (I don’t think so) producer that went to a trip to Dubai and was caught in the airport carrying illegal drugs (Cocaine) a couple of weeks ago.

There was a story a few months back about a Saudi that was caught carrying illegal drugs. He was sentenced for 6 years in jail. Now I was happy when the American producer was caught cause being stupid n dull as I am I said; them American are gonna get a tiny bit piece of justice from us. Maybe they won’t sentence him for 6 years, he might only get 2 years but that’s more then enough for me. Let’s show the world that we don’t differentiate..

There was an Omani that was caught carrying hashish with him and he was sentenced for 4 years in jail. A huge Indian business man was caught in Dubai carrying illegal drugs and he was pardoned after an agreement of investing in the country.

I was shocked when I read the news on the 4th of July. I read this DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) -- The ruler of Dubai has pardoned a Grammy-winning music producer who had been sentenced to four years in prison on charges of carrying cocaine into the country.”


And all I could say was arabs don’t fail to prove it to us n the rest of the world that they or should I say we are white men cock suckers, I don’t wanna be racist so it actually doesn’t matter white or black anyone that holds a western passport has no problems in this part of the world.. Opps that’s why they continue takin dumps on us..

My bad ppl.. I just needed something to remind me whats happenin in this world today..


Saturday, July 08, 2006


I haven’t been getting a nice chance to blog recently and that’s just cause Life is amazing (Amazing in a good way)


Work (9-5) & Business sucks
Family suck
Football don’t even ask (
Brazil was shit this world cup)
Friends are alright (Some are really doin good n some shock me like WTF)

I don’t even know if I should start blogging again, I’m just posting this and like who gives a rat ass

The world of Music is alive again. We have amazing artists with amazing albums out

One album that’s out and is amazing is Ne-yo’s album. His best track is Mirror and that’s the sexiest track to me.. Some ppl don’t enjoy sex songs but that just means their taste is shit when it comes to music.

A shout out to all the ladies: Maxwell is coming with a new album and I will hopefully up-date you when to hit the stores..