Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Until I’m at a stage of equilibrium..

I’m a customer service fanatic and I miss my old job. I’ve been an HSE advisor for the past two years or actually three and I must admit that dealing with strangers is much easier then dealing with people you know.

Let me explain why?

Everyday you speak, work or even see someone, the more you get to know him. Even if it's professionally that might be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your jobs nature. But the more the both of you get to know one another, the more that person takes you for granted. For example; the first year of your marriage is usually rough due to the different habits and backgrounds the both of you have. However when you look at the initial five years of your marriage, they say that it’s the best days because you still don’t know what to expect from him/her and you are impressed by even the little things. However the longer you last with him/her the narrower the expectation gets and so the little stuff you do is taken for granted. The satisfactory ladder is applied here and it’s scientifically proven right (and this works vice versa).

So basically if I get you (my wife) a flower everyday you will be flattered until one day the flower I offer to you becomes basic and the smile you give me starts washing away. The warmth feel I once upon a time received is no longer mine even though I am still doing something most people don’t usually do. The only way I can gain back that smile is by climbing up the satisfactory ladder to reach for the new unexpected surprise I will give her, and all of a sudden just like a flower that was almost dying she smiles at me again with a pretty face that brightens up my day.

If I did the same thing with strangers or who I like to call customers, the result would be different. For instance; I give away a single rose to one customer everyday (just like how I did it to my wife). I touched her unexpected button and she gives me back a smile that overwhelms my week. I feel happy, acknowledged and not taken for granted even after years of doing the same exact thing. Because every customer will give me a different impression and I won’t wash away their smile because basically I am not talking about the same person getting the same treatment everyday. So nor will they feel basic or would I take the different smiles and comments for granted.

I previously wrote a post about acknowledgment and what it means to one another. People feel acknowledged in different ways but we all seek for the thing that makes us feel special. Anyways after changing profession I hit the road in search of a new way to pursuit what we are all looking for. I have engaged my-self in lots of conversations with people that were quit interesting and others that are simply airheads. I also read a great deal of books to better understand the circle of life or what happens inside it.

My uncle once told me a story about 6 blind men that were asked to approach an elephant to describe what they feel. One man touched the stomach and described the big round shape he felt. The second man landed on the trunk and described the snake looking nose it had and how it uses it to drink, breath and so on. The third guy luckily touched the tusk and described its shape and how hard it is. The fourth guy touched the elephants tail and behind and so he described what a huge ass and tiny tail does this poor animal have. The fifth mostly described the short legs and shamefully added some info of what’s between the legs. The sixth and last blind guy got the ears and it was the hardest to figure-out but he finally concluded that this large thing must be earflaps that help this slow animal cool down.

After telling me this boring story, my uncle then concluded his point by asking me to imagine that these 6 blind men were authors/writers. Only after we read and hear the different thoughts and views of people, we then put them all together to get a full picture of our individual curious interest.

Knowledge is what will help me get there and I am certain it would somehow. So I’ve made it a habit to read in order to better understand my role in life and I also write to observe how I develop from a boy to a man.

I find my-self rebellious against traditional and usual social acceptance. My dream is to become a sociologist but I never initiated that path yet and acknowledgment is still my motto in life.

"The alienated human individual is bound to society as a whole by an invisible umbilical cord: the law of value. It acts upon all facets of his life, shaping his road and his destiny." Che Guevara

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